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To learn more about Oracle Social CRM or to activate your subscription, give us a call at one of the worldwide numbers listed below. Our trained representatives can show you to increase your sales team's effectiveness with Oracle Social CRM.

United States and Canada: +1-866-906-7878

ASEAN Countries: +65 64361396

Australia: 1800-248-168

China: 800-810-0161

Denmark: 8088-1063

Finland: 0800-113-561

France: 0800-906079

Germany: 0800-882-7685

Hong Kong: 852-3655-7560

India: +91-80-4029-1187

Ireland: 00353-1-8039467

Italy: 900-962900

Japan: 0120-155-096

Korea: 080-2194-114

Malaysia: 1800-801-837

Netherlands: 0800-0227715

New Zealand: +64-9977-2122

Norway: 800-14415

Pakistan: 00-800-11065

Portugal: 0800-853-026

Singapore: 1800-672-2531

Spain: 900-962900

Sweden: 020-798177

Taiwan: 0800-672-253

Thailand: 001-800-441-0545

United Kingdom: 0870-876-8301


Contact Oracle With Concerns About Abuse

Oracle provides a variety of data hosting services to its customers, which, among other things, allows customers to upload, manage, and share data, subject to Oracle’s terms and conditions. Such data may include information that our customers have obtained from or about you. If you believe that your information or material has been improperly used by an Oracle customer in connection with our hosting services, or if you have a concern about any communication or material received from an Oracle customer, please contact that customer directly. If your privacy concerns are not adequately addressed by the Oracle customer, please contact us at If your concerns about a customer’s use of your intellectual property or other rights in connection with an Oracle hosting service are not adequately addressed by the Oracle customer, please contact us at